NuGames takes gaming back outside!

Remember the days when you played in the sun, with the real kids, moving around and challenging your imagination? Yeah, we miss them as well.

And we believe the state of the gaming industry is obsolete and broken. You spend too much hours indoors sitting on your chair, playing dull games while drinking Mountain Dew and munching cookies.

So we're on a mission to bring you real gaming, with real humans, in the real world. And augment that to experiences you never dreamt of before.

We created TakeOver, you take over the world. The real one!

TakeOver Alpha was launched at Mini SeedCamp Copenhagen in May 2010. We got great feedback and won a popularity vote, kudos!

We're 2 geeks: Mihai - business geek, and Cosmin - tech geek, sitting in Copenhagen and Lisbon.

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